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Dog Boarding with Tender Loving Care.
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Hear what some of our customers have to say:

I thought I would drop you a quick note to say thank you again for a wonderful family pet and GREAT hunting dog. I was out in South Dakota a few weeks ago and it was his first full hunting season. Toby did great. The first day he stayed pretty close and watched the other dogs. Each day he got better. By the third day he did a found a downed bird without seeing it fly, and by the last day he retrieved one well over 75 yards. He still has a few things to work on, but for he age he is doing great. He is a great family dog as well. My 5 yr old son and him are best friends. Toby puts his head on my sons lap during meals, not to beg, but to just be close to him. I am attaching a few pics from this year. The one with all three dogs are all dogs from your kennel. Toby is on the left, Dandy (Wil’s) is in the middle and Lucky (Tom Hesse) is on the right. All three had a great trip.


Thanks again,



Good morning!
    We have been DELIGHTED to take care of Toby!  He hasn’t squealed but twice, though about 5:15 this morning he set up one of those “I’m all alone and lonely” cute little howls!  After a couple more squeaks, no more noise.  He sits on his own, follows us anywhere we go (in fact, we have to watch our feet because you can step on him easily!).  Stretches out in his kennel area to nap frequently.  Dandy will “play” a little bit if they are down on the driveway, but she won’t be on the porch at the same time with Toby.  Can’t figure that one out.  But Dandy seems just fine otherwise.  Got several terrific shots, some just for fun, plus a couple of great ones of Dandy, Tina.  Just wanted you both to know all is well.  It will not be easy to see him go away. 
Wags and licks to you both,
Jean ... and Wil and Dandy and Toby


Hey Tina:
I just had to write and say thanks again for such a great dog.  Rufus has been so awesome.  I had been waiting and working on Sarah to get a dog since my Abby died last summer.  Sarah wasn’t always 100% sure because she didn’t know about having a puppy.  That, of course, was taken care of when we came up to look at them!  Soooo cute.  Still, I think she was worried about having one of those terror puppies that is out of control.  Well, let me tell you, Sarah and Rufus are now inseparable.  When she gets home, she says hi to him and hugs him long before she even says hello to me!  It’s awesome to see.  She is in love with the little guy.  He also has me loving him too.
Also, he is the BEST behaved and trainable puppy I have ever had.  He has been great in his crate/”den” at night.  Last night, he walked up the stairs all on his own, crawled in the crate and went to sleep.  I didn’t even have to say a word.  He sleeps through most of the night, except for his usual 3 am potty break, but all puppies do that.  He hasn’t had an accident in the house.  He fetches back already, sits, and comes when called, lays down nicely on his sleeping pad, and he just loves all of our friendly and he is a neighborhood hit.  I can’t tell you how many compliments we have gotten from people about how beautiful he is and how he behaves for a young puppy.
He does have his “piranha puppy” moments where he wants to chew EVERYTHING, but he has been fine with stopping and chewing his toys or bones instead.  I forgot about how chew happy they are during that stage.
Thanks so much!!
After seeing him and how Rufus acts, Sarah’s parents are seriously considering getting a puppy out of your July litter.  Kim (Sarah’s dad) wanted me to ask you if any puppies are spoken for out of that litter and, if they are, are there any for him to possibly his name in on?  He would go for a yellow lab…not sure if male or female would matter.  He is retiring from teaching this spring and he loved the idea of having a new puppy this summer to train for hunting.

Hey Tina:

I haven't talked to you in a while, so I figured I would drop a line. Hope all is well with you and you're staying warm right now!

Anyway, Rufus is doing great. I am working on getting pics together to send to you. You will be impressed because he as grown into such a young man. He's beautiful. Many people I hunt with call him the "Cabella's Dog" or the "Browning Dog" because he has such a classic look, like the labs you see in the advertisements.

In the world of hunting, he just keeps getting better and better. We've been out together enough where we have just know each other's movements and we can just work as a team. I have 100's of stories, but he really took the cake on our duck hunting trip to North Dakota. One morning, it got busy. I mean busy. Ducks pouring in like you dream about. Rufus was fetching them all and finding them all, while let Berney (Kim Staum's dog and one of yours .....who Rufus is help to teach and train) get his in. After the action had slowed down some, a beautiful green head drake came in to take a look and a guy I hunt with made a great shot, but it sailed....I mean sailed....and landed in the slough about 40 yards away from us. I had a rough idea where it was. They were all disappointed because they figured it was lost. I just smiled and said, "You just don't know this dog!"

I lined Rufus up and sent him on a back call to where I thought it might be. A blind fetch like we had trained so many times for. This is when a good lab really earns his keep! Off he went and he started crashing through these high cat tails and was back there and you could hear him sniffing around and see the cat tails moving. Sure enough, 5-8 mins later he came out with that duck. It was awesome and they guys were impressed. He had a few more like that, that trip plus plenty of time where he was out fetching, a cripple went down, I called him off the dead duck and he went to the cripple. He's gotten so good at whistles and hand signals. I will work on sending you pics. Thanks for such an awesome dog.

Mike and Rufus

Hey Tina:

Here are some photos of Rufus at work on his first duck hunt on opening weekend. One of the photos, you can also see the old veteran Josie too. You would have been proud of both of your dogs! Rufus didn't even see his first fetch go down. I had to send him out on a "blind fetch" and he followed hand directions and everything. It took him a little bit to find the duck because it sailed on us some, but he got there. He stayed in that blind, under camo for the entire time and didn't bark or complain at all. He was just awesome.

Michael Pothast



Subj: Crockett

Hi Tina,

I just had to tell you that I think Crockett might be the smartest puppy ever.  He is so sweet.  He has already adjusted and doing great.  He is sleeping well and doing great on the potty training.  He is already pulling a goose wing around.  We love him to death.  Thanks again for having such wonderful dogs.




 Darla, Abe, and I were at Baderís on the 30th.  Abe had eight flushes and six retrieves.  We did not flag the birds this time.  He found and flushed all our planted birds and also one scratch bird.  These are pictures of his first retrieve of the day and his first rooster pheasant.  During the hunt, he got the scent of a bird that was on the other side of a strip.  Darla followed him and I was able to have him sit and stay (he was 30 yards away from me) so she could catch up and be within range when he flushed it.  He has an excellent nose.  Even though the birds are in or buried under the snow, he finds them.  He even found one that was frozen.  We left it as who knows when or how it died.  The point is, it was buried under the snow, frozen solid, and he still found it. 

I was skeptical when you said he would be hunting at six months, however, you were correct.  He is performing far beyond my expectations.

 Thank you for a fine dog. 




Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you give to Ozzie and Gus.  They greet you like they do us.  It sure gives us the peace of mind while they are staying with you.
Take care,
Gloria and Roger
 Ozzie and Gus

Hello Tina,

Just a note to Thank you for taking such good care of Gus!  He was so relaxed and happy-- I've have never  had one come home to me so relaxed and unstressed.
 I am looking forward to Gus's next visit!
Thank you
Nancy Cass

Hi Tina,
We wanted to send something extra to tell you how much we appreciated the good care you gave Zac last week.
 He was his usual self as soon as he was in the car, he wasn't mad at us or moody.
We had a great trip and I we can do more traveling now that we found a wonderful kennel to keep zac at.  We will let you know when we plan another trip.
Thanks  Helen

With special thanks Tina
What a joy to know you had a part in Filling someone else's heart with the things that are a Reflection of God's goodness and His steadfast Love.
What you have done will be remembered in our heart always.  Thank you, There are none like you....

 No amount of thanks can come close to what you've done for us.  We love and appreciate you more than you will ever know.  You being there with Shadow filled our hearts with God's goodness, in you.

 I know it was hard for you, yet I know your heart and love for all your wonderful animals ( yours & other peoples )  Thank you-----
 We are so glad we have Lexi to come home to ( getting back that horse and moving forward after the fall ).  I didn't want to do that when we first got Shadow (having lost Sassy ), but I did.  And it was 12 good years of a good life, with her.
You two go out and enjoy dinner on us--It's such a small token of our appreciation.  We love you guys!
Sally and Roy

(Shadow had stomach cancer and got sick while she was at our kennel.  Her owners didn't know she had cancer.  I took her to the vet and held her and said goodbyes for them, while the vet put her to sleep.)

Reporting from Morgan's Kennel!

Wow do I have a story for you! My name is Owen. I am a brown and white 1/2 Blue Heeler and 1/2 Border Collie. I usually reside with my Mom and Dad at the Hacienda in Swatara, MN. My parents are great and I have all the freedom I want. But when Mom and Dad have to travel (which is a lot), my main squeeze is Tina Morgan!
Tina is married to Wayne and he loves me too! Talk about a nice Babysitter! Sometimes I get to lay under Tina's desk while she works on her schedule. My kennel or crate, which ever is available, are clean and warm. I love to play outside in Tina's very large play area! It's great for running. My favorite activity is to herd all my friends together. You see, I'm a natural herder. And my wonderful doggie friends like me too! So, when in doubt about where to board your pet, you'll for sure want to go to Morgan's!
Love and Licks,

Dear Tina and Wayne,
We want to thank you So Much for the loving care you gave our Molly.  It made our week better knowing she was in such caring and loving Kennel Housing.  Molly would like to thank you to for all the "Cuddling" you gave her.  

Your Great!     You and your hubby have lunch on us!  Thanks!!!

                                               Love Carol and Ken Kerr and Molly

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Words can not express our gratitude for taking such special care of our "puppies"!!  You went way beyond the expected!  your can be sure that I tell everyone what wonderful people you are and what a great facility you run.  Thanks for caring so much.  God willing. our "puppies" will be with us next year & we will see you again next June!   Thank You Again! 
 Hugs and Prayers
 Penny and Howie Smeby

Woof! Woof! Buddy & Lady


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